Microservices - A Practical Guide

Principles, Concepts, and Recipes

Microservices Recipes

This brochure includes technology recipes for the implementation of microservices. The code for the examples can be downloaded for free.


The last chapter explains how to deepen the knowledge about technologies for microservices further.


You can get the eBook for free from Leanpub. You get a PDF, ePub and Mobi (Kindle). There is no DRM (digital rights management).


At Amazon the Kindle eBook is not free but quite cheap. Here are the links to the Amazon web sites:


If you prefer paper, there is also a printed version:


The Recipes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. The source is available at GitHub.

German Version

The book is a translation into English. The German version is Microservices Rezepte.